Business Energy Toolkit

Quick Start Guide (Adobe PDF 86.6 KB)

How to get started on a program for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Resource Guide (Adobe PDF 770 KB) Reduce your emissions and improve your bottom line with:

  • Information about impacts of climate change in the Pacific Northwest
  • An overview of the business benefits of climate-friendly practices
  • Steps to documenting and reducing GHG emissions
  • Links to tools and resources
  • Examples of the ways that local employers are responding to climate change
Get certified as a green business through Jefferson County Public Health.

Business Carbon Calculator (Microsoft Excel file 2.99 MB) Provides businesses with a planning-level GHG emissions inventory to assist in prioritizing and implementing reduction strategies. Data entry is for business activities in the four areas with the most significant GHG impacts:

  • Transportation
  • Energy use
  • Materials purchasing
  • Waste generation

Offset Your Business Carbon Footprint You can lower the carbon footprint of your business by supporting a renewable energy project. Carbon offsets may be tax deductible, and they pay for power that does not rely on burning fossil fuels.