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Why Climate Action Now?

Energy use is costly to your pocketbook and your environment. Burning fossil fuels for energy generates greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, which lead to global warming and climate change.

The governments of Jefferson County and Port Townsend, Washington, set a goal of reducing countywide greenhouse gas emissions to levels 80% lower than 1990 levels by 2050. Making this a reality requires individual commitment. We believe that the citizens of Jefferson County CAN rise to this challenge!

Transportation is responsible for the majority of energy-related GHG emissions in Jefferson County(Adobe PDF 359 KB). Transportation fuel use (on-road vehicles) accounts for 39% of GHG emissions. Business energy use (industrial and commercial) accounts for 38% of GHG emissions. Home energy use (heating, lighting and electrical) accounts for 23% of GHG emissions.

Why This Website?

This website gives you the tools you need to save energy, save money, and reduce your carbon (CO2) footprint – at home, at work, and on the road – with tools specific for Jefferson County, Washington. Click on the following links to get started. Click on the left menu links for additional options.    

Get Started Guide
Easy ways to save both energy and money!

Keep Going
Additional ways to save energy. These require more investment of time and/or money.

Public Transportation Toolkit
Online tools for trip planning by bus, train, or ferry.

Ride Sharing Toolkit
Online tools for ride sharing and vanpools.

Home Energy Toolkit
Calculate your home energy use and carbon footprint.  

Business Energy Toolkit
Calculate your business energy use and carbon footprint. 

This site maintained by Local 20/20 in gratitude to

Thomas and Joanna Loehr

JeffersonCAN Founders and

Major Contributors to the formation of  the 

Jefferson County & Port Townsend Climate Action Resolution

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