Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Win Prizes, Save Money, Have Fun!

Join in a local effort to learn how your lifestyle generates greenhouse gases and develop some strategies to help lower your carbon footprint. Taming Bigfoot is a team challenge that makes it fun to reduce your carbon footprint – a number that measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with your activities. And you can win prizes, too! As part of the competition, teams will work together to learn how to reduce your electricity, gas, and water usage, and then measure your results, using a calculator compiled expressly for Jefferson County by the Local 20/20 Climate Outreach group. Reducing your footprint will save you money and help our community reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to its goal of 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. By taming our own bigfoot, we can do our part to lessen the impacts of climate change in the future.

To learn more, and to apply to be on a team, or to form your own team, see Applications are being accepted now, and will be accepted until 12/15/15. For more information, contact Bob Bindschadler at

To support your effort in managing your carbon footprint, explore this site for many resources and tools that will also help you save energy, support your local economy, and live healthier lives. If you would like to share websites you have found helpful in reducing your carbon footprint, please

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