Ride Sharing Toolkit

Ride Sharing for Commuters  
Rideshare Online is a free computerized ride-matching service for finding other commuters who want to start or join a carpool or vanpool. Apply for a ride match and get a list of others near you with similar destinations and work schedules.

Vanpool for Commuters 
You can save on gas and overall maintenance costs by sharing the ride. Join a Jefferson Transit Vanpool (6 person minimum) and be eligible for a van, as long as the commuting trip starts or ends in Jefferson County. Van maintenance and insurance is included in the usage fee.

Ride Sharing for Residents
eRideShare is a free computerized ride-matching service. To view listings, click on upper right box for Travel (to Seattle, SeaTac Airport, Port Angeles) or Local (for errands, medical, meetings). Type in 98368 and click on Search. Your own organization can create a special group listing for greater safety in sharing rides.