Walking Resources

You can walk almost anywhere in Port Townsend. Many trails, shortcuts, sidewalks and quiet streets are available.

Walking Map With Times Want to know how long it takes to get from here to there? Use this handy walking map, complete with an estimated number of minutes to your destination! Thanks to the Local 2020 Transportation Lab for their hard work putting this together.

Walking Maps (Adobe PDF 1.88 MB)
These maps show streets for safest walking and many miles of off-street trails. They include bicycling and Transit routes to help you plan car-free trips. They contain suggested walking tours for Port Townsend  Fort Worden State Park, and East Jefferson County. Obtain free printed copies of walking maps at the Visitor Information Center (2437 Sims Way) and all-weather maps ($3.95) at City Hall (250 Madison St.) or Sport Townsend (1044 Water St.) 

Walking Benefits Calculator  (Excel 35 KB)
Use this calculator (of calories, dollars, and CO2) to find out how many calories you burn, how much money you save, and how much less carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere when you walk instead of drive.

Safe Routes to School
This is a resource for families, schools and health officials. It includes technical assistance and training to help communities start a safe walking program for school children. A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults. October is International Walk to School (IWALK) month, and now is a perfect time  to register your school, see who’s participating, and download resources.

Walking Tours
PT Guide lists tours of the Downtown and Uptown Historic Districts of Port Townsend (both guided  and self-guided), as well as nature walks in forests and along beaches.